When he passed the bar exam twenty years ago, Cameron McCafferty was a sorry bet to make his mark in the law…

Now he’s a powerlawyer.  Managing partner of a prominent law firm in Tampa Bay.  Self-made millionaire from a side venture in real estate.  Nominee for a federal judgeship, the crowning achivement of a charmed legal career.  But when Cameron’s teenage sons are accused of a heinous sex crime, his life’s work is laid to waste.

As the criminal case goes forward and the truth gets los​t in the litigation, Cameron is forced to cope with a disintegrating marriage—a partnership in revolt—a traitor on the defense team—and a mental health disorder at critical mass.

Yet the real truth may be the hardest one to bear…Cameron brought his house down on himself.


Someone once wrote, “Never ask a lawyer for business advice.  They’re trained to find problems, not solutions.”

Fair statement?  It’s true that lawyers tend to focus on the negative.  They’re generally cautious and averse to risk.  They can be pedantic, unimaginative, defeatist, or overly litigious, causing even more problems.

But some lawyers have transcended the occupational stereotypes, going into business for themselves, embracing risk, turning problems into profitable opportunities.  They’ve succeeded in industries ranging from professional sports to food and beverage, cellular to healthcare, with no practical experience or competence.  Enterprising Esquires explores how these lawyers capitalized on their critical thinking skills and other traits—drive, vision, immersion, imagination, adaptivity, self-efficacy—to create value and escape the grinding practice of law.

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